Inclusion is everybody's business!

Every Customer Counts is about ensuring your business is as accessible as possible, for as many people as possible.

Our focus is on people with a long-term limiting health condition or disability, whether it's visual, hearing, cognitive, developmental, mental health, physical, or a learning disability.

But aside from disability, good access will also make your business inclusive to:

  • older customers who need or appreciate easier access
  • customers with prams, pushchairs or young children, or carrying heavy shopping bags or luggage
  • anyone who may find themselves temporarily impaired such as a broken limb or following surgery
  • friends, family or colleagues of a person with a long-term health condition or a disability.

An accessible business is one which is equally open to ALL potential customers.

Under the Equality Act 2010, every business has a legal duty to take reasonable steps to ensure that disabled people can access their services. 

Small changes do not need to cost much but can have a big impact on your reputation, customer numbers and business performance.

Our goal is to support businesses to both comply with their legislative responsibilities and widen their customer base.

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